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Breaking the Mold is a group for members of the trades industry, where they can share stories, engage in group discussion, and learn about marketing, customer service, management, and more. Breaking The Mold is most famous for podcasts, which have featured several local members of the trades industry here in New Hampshire.

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Recent Podcast Interviews

Angel Acevedo

LHR Plumbing and Heating

Angel shares stories including the shocking moment when he realized his employees weren't happy working at his company, and how it changed the way he thinks about his team, management style, and hiring process.

Rob Roy

Rob Roy Mechanical

Plumber and HVAC expert Rob Roy shares his journey working through the trades, from a green technician to having a company with his name. Rob shares some of the values that drive the way he manages his team, as well as how he has navigated marketing his business.

Clarke Ryder

Ryder Plumbing and Heating

Clarke shares his personal story, and how his 1-truck shop has achieved brand recognition rivaling much larger companies, including generating over 130 5-star reviews, despite only being in business for 1.5 years.

Logan Hughes

Hite Media

Matt sits down with Logan Hughes to discuss marketing your service business and the importance of reviews, and hiring the right agency.

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